“Bodymore” (Baltimore, MD), “The Badlands” (Kensington-Phil., PA), “Murder Town U.S.A.” (Wilmington, DE). These aren’t names of the next Steven King Novel, or the horror movie being filmed down the street, these are nicknames of our Cities that paint a less than desirable picture of its residents.   These are neighborhoods that […]

This is Family Business

The Only Good Thing
I’d heard that line before from Jay when he described to me why he didn’t believe that God was real, and how 10:12 Sports was the only bright spot in a life of dark events. However, this time, that line was preceded by a plea for the desire for more 10:12 events […]

Jay’s Hope for Southwest Baltimore

  The words of Raven’s Chaplin Johnny Shelton echoed throughout the exhilarating meeting room as 10:12 coaches were fixated on the inspirational words that were coming from this dynamic leader.  Shelton opened the meeting with an empowering message about what it means to be the leader that God has called […]

Inspiration to Lead

The music was blaring, neighborhood spectators were watching, high school, college, and NFL coaches were greeting and encouraging, the stage was set for the FREE 2016 Baltimore City Football Combine. On June 12th, close to 100 teenagers were present in the heart of Sandtown, with their sights set on college, […]

2016 Baltimore City Football Combine